San Diego Musicians Academy

This Academy is addressed to musicians all over the world who want to improve their skills

One on One Training

    This program is made for all the musicians who want to get ready to attend the SDMA. This training will take place once a week for a one hour lesson. We expect you to do a lot of homework.

    For all the musicians who are not quite ready for this kind of program we offering an individual one on one lesson. This lesson will be selectable in 30 minutes, 45 minutes or even 60 minutes. This program is also good for beginners.

    Our teachers will personalize your lesson, but still stay on track with the curriculum. We take it one step in a time.

One Year Program

    This program is made for musicians who meet our entree level requirements. Your studies will take place in our main campus over one year. This will be an intensive 5 days a week program. Thought by professional working musicians.

    The Program will include every day ensemble workshops and the classes that go in conjunction with them. This is a bootcamp for musicians where we expect you to become a professional trained working musician in your instrument.

About Us

    The San Diego Musicians Academy (SDMA) is the address in southern California to study music. Coming soon, a one-year professional musicians program. This program is addressed to musicians all over the world who want to improve their skills on their instrument. The program will launch soon. Please go to our website and subscribe to our mailing list. So we can keep you up to date.

    We are opening up one of our Prep-schools in San Diego (Chula Vista -Eastlake). This location is offering an one on one training to all students who eventually want to attend the SDMA.

    We are also offering the one on one training to beginners. Our teachers will continuously assist you to guide you on your way to your personal next level.

Contact Us

Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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    (619) 432-8294
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    1705 Tuckers Grove Avenue. 9190. Chula Vista, CA